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The most comprehensive pet-healthcare insurance information service available.


Veterinary care for pets is becoming ever more sophisticated resulting in pets living longer, healthier lives.

Providing high quality health care for pets requires ongoing investment in skills training and equipment, and access to new medicines by the veterinary profession.

This is good news for pets but can mean expensive vet bills, often when you least expect it.

It may be time to think about pet insurance and is a comprehensive website for free and unbiased information about pet insurance.

The menu on the right covers

  • Commonly asked questions about pet insurance.
  • Interesting facts about pet insurance.
  • The different types of insurance cover available.
  • Travelling abroad with your pet.
  • A search facillity listing all major insurance providers, premiums, excesses, what's covered, travel cover etc.
  • Membership scheme for Veterianry Practices
About the InsureYourPet website

As a vet in general practice I try to give my clients as much clear information as possible, and information about pet insurance is no exception.

In January 2005 the Financial Services Authority (FSA) introduced new regulations which govern the selling of pet insurance. These regulations are intended to protect consumers but also mean that vets in practice may not give their clients any specific advice about pet insurance or recommend an insurance company (unless acting as Authorised Representative for an Insurance Company)

InsureYourPet grew out of this quest to provide clients with uncluttered and unbiased information about pet insurance and remain within the FSA regulations. To ensure that the information provided by InsureYourPet is in no way influenced by insurers we do not receive any money or any other form of recompense from insurance companies. We do regularly contact insurance providers in order to keep their information up to date.

This site has been designed by Effectivewebs and is owned and run by Henry Hartley(MRCVS) who is a director at Witten Lodge Veterinary Centre Ltd in Devon.

Please read this:InsureYourPet provides information to assist owners searching for pet insurance. Any contract you may enter into is entirely at your risk. Please make sure you understand all the terms and conditions of your Pet Insurance Contract as we cannot be held responsible for any decision you may make.

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